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Talent Strategy

Kitech has always believed that "first-class enterprises need first-class talents". It is the top priority of enterprise development to actively build a talent highland, combine production, study and research, and introduce innovative technical talents and machinery manufacturing talents. Therefore, Kuang Ke has explored and summarized a set of effective talent management mechanism to provide different training courses for employees at all stages, Gradually realize the transformation from training to training, and from organization to organization, so as to provide talent guarantee for the realization of the ideal of "the world's leading manufacturer of plastic recycling and extrusion equipment".

Salary and Benefits
Salary Incentive

The company implements the salary distribution system based on performance salary, piece rate salary, target award and various policy awards, establishes salary promotion channels for all kinds of employees, and highlights the value of key positions. The company has project award, new product development and iteration award, patent award, cost reduction and Efficiency Award, rationalization proposal award, excellent employee award, pacemaker award, education and Professional Title Promotion Award, special contribution award and other incentive policies.

Welfare Protection
The company has improved its security system, implemented the employment system of labor contract, handled social insurance such as basic pension, basic medical care, unemployment, work-related injury and childbirth, regularly held various employee activities such as skill competition and outdoor quality development, and built a harmonious labor relationship with employees.